Parts & Materials


Types of parts include:

Gears, cams, structural parts, counterweights, magnetic pole pieces, armatures bushings, bearings, ratchets, pulleys, pawls, pistons, two and three piece constructions sintered as one, assemblies, and others

Industries served include:

Automotive, medical, aerospace, landscaping machinery, security and lock, electronic, computer, sporting goods, musical, hand and power tools, off highway equipment, motorcycle, bicycle, clutch, chainsaw, appliance, pump, vacuum, appliances & more.

Materials include:

Iron, Steel, Copper Steel, Nickel Steel, Stainless Steel (300 series and 400 series), high temperature sintered steels, brass, bronze, copper, tungsten, aluminum, 50% Nickel/50% iron, soft magnetic alloys, sinter hardened steels, low alloy steels, copper infiltrated steels and specialty alloys

Physical Properties:

Physical properties per MPIF Standard 35 (contact us for details)

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